Shocking Variation In Diabetic Limb Amputations

A report published in the journal Diabetolgia has found wide regional variations in the rate of amputations in diabetics.  The findings have been described as shocking by one of the authors, Professor William Jeffcoate.

Foot care is of extreme importance to those who have diabetes, as the condition can render sufferers susceptible to injury and infection in their feet as there is often poor blood flow and reduced sensation to the extremities.  When such problems occur, diabetic patients often suffer problems with healing and in some cases patients require amputation of toes, a foot or even a leg.  There are approximately 6,000 amputations caused by diabetes in England each year.

Professor Jeffcoate points out that doctors and nurses “don’t necessarily have the skills to assess a new condition when it arises”.  Previous research has suggested that as many as 80% of amputations could be avoided.

The incidence of diabetes in the population is growing and this has been attributed to the increasing number of people who are overweight.  The human cost to the patient who undergoes an amputation cannot be measured, and the economic costs to the patient and his or her family are often considerable.

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Posted 7th June 2012 | Posted in News,Uncategorised