NHS Funded “Private” Hip Replacements 20 Times More Likely To Fail

A study has found that hip replacements paid for by the NHS but carried out at a private treatment centre are 20 times more likely to fail than hips replaced in NHS hospitals.

In order to reduce waiting times, some NHS patients are treated in the private sector at centres funded by the NHS.  There has been much criticism of this scheme by doctors.  They point out that the lack of supervision and auditing of outcomes, the use of non-UK trained doctors and the knock on effect on the training of junior doctors caused by routine work being taken out of NHS hospitals.

A study carried out by a team of surgeons in Cardiff and reported in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery examined the results of hip replacement surgery carried out between 2004 and 2006 at the Weston-super-Mare NHS Treatment Centre, which is a private clinic carrying out surgery paid for by the NHS.  The study found evidence of poor surgical technique in two thirds of the private patients who had undergone hip replacement, with 18% of patients requiring revision surgery.  The revision rate for the same surgery across the NHS as a whole is 0.9%, 20 times lower than in the private treatment centre involved in the study.

Posted 29th September 2009 | Posted in News,Uncategorised