Hospital Admits Staff Cuts Put Patients At Risk

An Essex Hospital has admitted that staff cuts have put patients at risk.

James Kellerman, a senior doctor at Broomfield Hospital took the unusual step of telling BBC Essex that cuts in the number of admin staff have caused treatment of patients to be “severely affected”.

Mr Kellerman told BBC Essex that cuts in staff had sabotaged the hospital and caused a breakdown in communications.  He revealed that there were piles of patients’ notes lying around in offices and that it was taking as long as 2 months for letters containing important clinical information to be produced.  Such was the breakdown in the system, he had resorted to producing handwritten letters.

It will be a concern to all patients that their safety may be at risk because of a lack of administrative staff and it is to be hoped that the hospital take swift action to ensure that proper support is put in place to remove this unacceptable risk.

Posted 23rd March 2007 | Posted in News,Uncategorised