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Orthopaedic Injury

Orthopaedic injuries can happen as a result of accidents and problems which arise as a result of disease and even normal ageing. They can be disabling and very painful and have a significant impact on the life of the sufferer. Treatment choices for orthopaedic injuries – such as facture of the hip, leg, wrist, knee, arm or back – range from immobilising in a splint or plaster to open surgery or even amputation. Recovery times range from a few weeks upwards, depending on the injury.

Sometimes there is a choice between immobilising and performing an operation and sometimes a choice between different surgical techniques. For instance, there are a number of different types of hip replacement. Usually the decision will be made after an X-ray. However, X-rays can be misread or misreported or misfiled, all of which can lead to the wrong treatment or no treatment being given at all. In such cases of hospital negligence, there may be a claim for medical compensation.

Problems in surgery

Surgery can go wrong as a result of poor technique or poor choice of surgery. The results can be anything from stiffness or pain on movement to catastrophic disability. Further surgery may help or there may be nothing further to be done – either way leaving the patient worse off than they would have been if the correct procedure had been appropriately carried out in the first place.

Disease and ageing

Problems of disease and aging, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, are often incurable but can be managed with drugs or surgery. Problems can occur with diagnosis, medication choices and decisions as to when to consider surgery. Again poor decisions can leave patients worse off than they would otherwise have been.

We have a wealth of experience helping clients obtain compensation as a result of orthopaedic medical negligence, such as badly managed hip and knee replacements, poor fracture repair, failure to treat a fracture properly and mismanagement of osteoarthritis. Click on our case studies to see some of the successful claims we have handled in this area.

Case studies

Orthopaedic Surgery


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