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Gynaecological Injury


Women are half the population so it is not surprising that dealing with “women’s problems” account for a large amount of medical treatment. Gynaecological problems range from heavy and painful periods to infertility and hormonal problems. Treatments can range from learning to live with heavy painful periods, to over-the-counter medication, prescribed medication and even surgery, depending on the severity.

The reproductive organs are internal and of the common symptoms are non-specific which can make for difficulty in diagnosis. This means that a laparoscopy (involving inserting a camera through the belly button) is often undertaken  to help with diagnosis. In some cases this can cause an injury which is not noticed at the time, leading to the woman becoming very ill and requiring further surgery.

Once a diagnosis is made, treatment may be with medication over time or by surgery. Either of these can cause avoidable problems, some leading to major surgery, significant disability and even death. The most common is when a surgeon accidentally injures a structure without realising and the woman then develops peritonitis requiring abdominal surgery. There may also be problems with excessive bleeding or stitching to the bladder. Often it is the steps taken to identify and deal with the problem which are criticised rather than the fact that the problem has occurred in the first place.

Over the years we have helped many women make a gynaecology claim for compensation for injuries caused to them as a result of failures by their GPs or gynaecologists that have caused them harm. We may be able to help you too. Click on our case studies to see some of the successful claims we have handled in this area.

Case studies


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