Case studies - GP Negligence

GP Negligence - Inadequate advice from GP – £40,000

Mrs Rutherford’s GP prescribed mild sedatives for back pain, to be administered through regular injections by her husband. Mrs Rutherford’s GP did not provide sufficient guidance as to how the injections should be given, nor did he observe or check the technique used. Mr Rutherford simply collected needles and syringes from the surgery as required…

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GP Negligence - Failure in diagnosing DVT – £140,000

Mr Jenkins attended hospital after developing a sudden pain in his left calf. He was advised to see his GP who prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. His condition worsened and despite going back to hospital on two further occasions no action was taken. Mr Jenkins began to have breathing difficulties and he was urgently admitted to hospital…

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GP Negligence - Failure to diagnose DVT – £10,000

After Mr Green had fractured his right ankle and his leg had been put in a cast, he developed pain in his calf. Despite complaining to his GP and the hospital, he was reassured that there were no problems. Mr Green’s pain continued and when the cast was finally removed it was discovered that he…

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Cancer - Undiagnosed rectal cancer – £45,000

Mr Lomax visited his GP on several occasions throughout 2008 and early 2009 complaining of abdominal pain and diarrhoea. After initial tests, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and prescribed Metformin. Despite expressing repeated concerns about the continuing diarrhoea, and subsequently rectal bleeding, he was given alternative diabetic medication and antibiotics to treat, what was…

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GP Negligence - Inappropriate steroid treatment – £6,500

Mrs Green was prescribed Betnelan tablets for a facial rash. She was not informed of any side effects and was not aware that Betnelan is a steroid. She was given repeat prescriptions over a 7-month period but was never reviewed by her doctor. Prolonged use of the medication caused her to suffer a growth in…

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